Doca is European kitchen furniture design and manufacture. Starting in 1980 in Vinaròs (Castellón) Spain, Doca quickly becoming an iconic trademark in kitchen furniture and cupboards. For those looking for a medium to high range carpentry Doca is serious option. The quality Doca materials come from environmentally friendly, certified wood. Doca sells its products in France, Belgium,

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In 1957 Pedini kitchen manufacture started in post war Lucrezia di Cartoceto, Itali. With companies like Pedini Italy was able regain worldwide prestige in art and design. Since the days of Devinci people have come to Italy for art and design. By the 2000's Pedini was manufacturing all of over the world with certified dealers in

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Sollera Fine Cabinetry

Sollera is cabinet manufacturer located in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada. Next door to the great Boreal Forest of the region, Vancouver is suitable for top carpentry making. Sollera is committed to green living. They use only ecologically responsible material sources. Artistic Kitchen is a certified dealer of Sollera cabinets for several decades. Go to sollera dealer

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The Beauty of an Eichler Home

What makes Eichler design so unique and sought after? In the 60's, Joseph Eichler was the only builder pioneering in Modern Design in America. But what sets it aside from today's modern design is whats special. Today's modern design focuses on symmetry and often boxy looking right angles. Eichler design features a much more natural

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