8 Tips on how to remodel and design your small kitchen

Feeling frustrated with your small kitchen? Does it bother you to the point that you’d rather demolish it fully and remodel it entirely? Well, you’re at the right place.

Contrary to popular belief, not everyone has the budget or square meter space to have a chef’s kitchen in their house. Small kitchens are still kitchens and there’s no such thing as a tiny kitchen, there are only ill-designed kitchens.

Below you’ll see some brilliant ways you can remodel and redesign your small kitchen into a smarter and better-designed kitchen.

When we’re talking small kitchens, there are countless ways to redesign and remodel their kitchen. The most efficient and on-budget of ways is through optical illusions, a space could surprisingly feel larger when you know how to make it seem that way.


Strategic Painting

One of the most affordable strategies is efficient color selection, different pain jobs apply different reactions to rooms generally and kitchens especially. Different colors spark different characters, darker shades are more elegant, lighter shades create more space, warmer shades create coziness etcetera.

Here are some of our tips when it comes to color selection in kitchens:


Shading and coloring

Paint your upper cabinets to be lighter and the lower cabinets to be slightly darker and more shaded to create an illusion of height in your kitchen.
You can add bright additions of color to your backsplash or behind wooden shelving.
It’s crucial to keep your ceiling white!
Try to avoid matte paint colors and eggshell colors, by keeping your kitchen and rooms white, you’re letting light bounce off the surfaces and give the illusion of space and size.


Glass cabinets

Open Shelving and Glass Front Cabinets The power of glass in a room is immense, through its transparency and reflection, it will add space to your kitchen. Obviously, your kitchen and cabinets must be organized in order for your kitchen to appear more spacious and orderly.

Below, we’ll inspire you with some amazing ways to order your glass door cabinets from within:

Try to have color-palleted dish sets in your glass cabinets, for instance, whites, grays, blacks, and reds. Find another cabinet for your mismatched dishes. In order to keep a flowing and aesthetic look, try to have a balance of smaller to larger in a proportionate manner.
To stay strategic and functional kitchen remodel along with aesthetic, keep your daily and most commonly used dishes in a reachable and accessible place while keeping less used items on higher shelves.

Geometric patterns

Geometric patterns have huge advantages for kitchens and rooms. It’s an exciting addition that adds order, and elegance and can play games in the viewer’s eyes. Geometry can effectively make a room appear larger if done correctly.
You can incorporate geometry in backsplashes, floor tiles, etcetera. Usually shapes that point outward can make an illusion of space.

Important note: Just like with anything, too many designs can leave a room looking cluttered and busy which can have a consequential shrinking effect on a room.



Mirrors are the most classic example of making an illusion of a larger space, they reflect light and make surfaces like walls seem more endless rather than a simple blank wall. Options range, you can either put a mirror backsplash in your tiny kitchen, or you can place an actual mirror in your kitchen.

Adding mirrors to any space will make a feeling of relative size and space, this is an amazing choice for eat-in kitchens. If you believe in mysticism then it is a held belief that having a mirror in an area or room of dining can create a greater capacity for wealth.

Kitchen and nature

French Doors in a smaller kitchen make huge differences to rooms and spaces.
If you have a stunning back garden that you believe is ought to be shown off, renovate and plan (planner kitchen) to include french doors – they’re worth your time and investment. These French doors will extend your room’s sightline and introduce plenty of light and life into your small kitchen providing plenty of design and dramatic elegance.


Eyes are naturally drawn to bright areas, but that means shadows have much more prominence as a result. Adding the appropriate lighting to areas prone to dark spots and shadows such as under shelves and over the counters can not only provide efficiency in the kitchen and more visible clarity but can as well eliminate dark spots and effectively make your room feel larger.


Storage Space

We virtually discussed everything regarding small kitchens and how to eliminate the tightness of the cramped space, but another important point is of course storage.

Kitchens are infamous hoarding paradises; everything seems important and seems to be useful in the future. Take time to sift through what you have and store, donate, sell, or throw away what isn’t necessary to eliminate cluttering. Take inspiration from wherever you see fit and try to keep only what you regularly use and need. In your kitchen, things used less than a month or per year should be stored someplace else.

Additionally, small spaces such as tiny kitchens must be organized strategically. Think of maximizing your space as much as possible awhile keeping it hidden and discrete yet aesthetic.

Upon decluttering, you can see your space more clearly and now invest in it appropriately, usually, corner cabinets make great places to hide utilities. You can hide your toaster and panini press while still keeping them in an easily reachable place.

Here at Artistic Kitchen, we value our customers and their remodeling and design journey, therefore we’re here for our customers through it all and provide in-home consulting.



Stripes and lines make a difference. Depending on its configuration, stripes can create an illusion of height, width, or even circular spaces. In a similar case, adding horizontal stripes in your kitchen and even in your home can create an illusion of width and subsequent space. You can add these stripes with everything from tiles, flooring, wallpaper, rugs, or backsplash.

Get yourself a contractor

Many think they can remodel their kitchen alone and save money, after all, it’s a small kitchen. In some cases, this can be certainly true, although, it can prove to be as expensive or evfunctional kitchen remodelen more.
Hiring a contractor is like taking the proper percussions to avoid a headache, they make sure that everything will be as relatively smooth sailing as possible because problems usually do arise, from structural, electrical, plumbing, strategic designing etcetera. It’s uncommon to have a remodel that consists of only retiling and other small changes, especially if you want the renovation to be worthwhile and satisfactory.

To save yourself from frustration, stress, and strain, licensed contractors are professionals in determining a lighter job and easier sailing. Contractors make sure that your plan and vision are executed efficiently and as originally planned to ensure a beautiful kitchen that lasts for years to come.

Having a tight pocket or a tighter kitchen doesn’t stop it from being a beautiful space regardless of size. With our innovative small kitchen ideas, we can aid in giving the heart of your home a spectacular facelift, one that will leave you proud, one that will leave your friends and family stunned.

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