Inspiring Custom Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

The kitchen is the heart and soul of the home, this is the room family and friends gather and connect. It’s no question that anyone would want the heart of their home to gleam seamlessly and professionally. We made this blog for people like you who are searching for sparks of inspiration to remodel their kitchens precisely as to how you envision your home and living spaces.
Remodeling a kitchen could be an emotional rollercoaster, but in this blog, we will be going over the most exciting aspects of the renovation—deciding how to remodel your kitchen. We’ll go over some of the best kitchen remodeling ideas with the hopes that you finish this blog feeling inspired and satisfied.


The Backsplash

The backsplash could be mistakenly underrated and overlooked in kitchen design, but the kitchen backsplash is the perfect touch that every kitchen necessitates. From a huge variety of stones and options, you can decorate your kitchen walls with whichever theme you see fit to your taste and design preference. In order to achieve a more elegant and smooth look, opt for a mother-of-pearl backsplash. For a more classic look, you can go for the pizza restaurant Italian backsplash look. For an eye-catching look, try different shades and colors of different diamond-laid stones. If you want to take some attention off the backsplash and to lower a busier look, you can opt for a slab-styled backsplash of marble or copper and other single-themed designs.

The Flooring

A common, yet not mandatory kitchen design option is to make a single-themed look and slide the kitchen flooring tile or marble to the backsplash as well, this is generally a more affordable and safe option for those scared of introducing new themes and shades into their kitchen design. Kitchen flooring doesn’t necessarily have to be tile, as wood options are becoming a growing trend in kitchens across North America. Although, wood flooring does take more percussion and care than other types of flooring, especially in kitchens where water is more present along with foods and oils. There are other wood-appearing alternatives depending on how much you’d like to spend, such as ceramic wood floors which are essentially exactly how it sounds, durable, yet aesthetic.

Try laying your material of choice—wood or tile in unique patterns and configurations to give your kitchen a sleek and positively exciting appeal.


Bar and Island Stools

The kitchen island is the undeniable epicenter of the kitchen and home, its focally centered, convenient, and very multipurpose, always giving the kitchen an elegant and attractive appeal. The island is convenient partly due to it being an informal way to eat snacks or meals.
Marble islands are a justifiably popular option, they provide natural features to the home and reflect sunlight that makes the kitchen feel brighter and more spacious. Its smooth and cool surface makes it easy to clean and satisfying to have.
Imagine a nice slick Italian marble top with black or dark-colored cabinets.
A professional tip: Any marble or natural stone countertop or surface around your home will let off a luxurious and proper feeling to both your kitchen and home. Push your design boundaries and add something popping and outgoing to really bring out the flavour.

The Cabinetry

Kitchen cabinets are the face of your kitchen, they could either be more expressive and elegant, or they can be more toned and simple. Your cabinets are the canvas of your kitchen in which you get to express the style that you’re trying to express.
Designs today try to stay away from more simplistic cabinet designs and shades such as plain white. A common go-to is becoming shades and colors such as navy blue, evergreen, or midnight black.
The Hardware
Materials such as copper, nickel and gold are taking the spotlight. And this is perfectly justified. These finishing touches look incredible when matched with colors and shades such as those mentioned above. Midnight black cabinets with gold finishes such as handles look like a match made in heaven.

The Faucets & Sinks

The perfect touches to today’s kitchens are by far the faucets and sinks, adorned in either gold, copper, matt, or nickel, regardless of what you ultimately choose, this can complete your kitchen with a powerful appeal. Another common choice in today’s kitchens is the matt black faucet with a copper or gold belly sink, giving the impression of luxury and style.
The last thing you should do is worry, as more semi-elegant looks are timeless and will never look outdated and stuck in the past as certain selected other designs can.
A professional tip: Add a glisten and shine to your kitchen with metals that reflect sunlight such as gold, or copper along with stainless steel appliances which can make your kitchen appear clean and luxurious. Leave plain materials behind and test your kitchen with new metals to give your kitchen a blissful pop.

The Storage

What’s a kitchen without proper storage? There are huge arrays of storage options that leave you with only a wide array of options to maximize your space in an organized and efficient manner. From foot-kick draws to slide-out shelves and spice drawers, or even built-in utensil drawers the options are at your preference.
If you’re more of the type to love kitchen creative hacks and options, you’d love the pull-out chopping board with a special hole to drop scraps through to the trash below to really make your kitchen above all others. Read more about functional kitchen remodel.
There are additionally, secure push-in and out cabinets that you can hide more personal items in your very own kitchen. Additionally, you can always opt for a built-in undercabinet vacuum unit that you kick with your toe to activate and de-activate.

Storing Appliances

We all know the struggle of schlepping heavy kitchen appliances such as food processors or cake mixers onto your counter. Now try to imagine saving your back with an appliance cabinet that simply needs to be opened when you need the appliance.
Professional Tip: Creative and inventive kitchens aren’t only amusing, but as well helpful and useful.


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