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You may be asking yourself “what’s the big deal with Design + Build?”, we get that question all the time. The fact is that there are enormous advantages of choosing a Design + Build company to handle your home remodel.

  • Enjoy the convenience of having everything under one roof

  • Live with least disruption to your life

  • You do the fun stuff, we take care of the difficult stuff

  • Feel more secure by dealing with only one company

  • Your budget will go further

  • We understand Design and Remodeling

  • Our estimates include more

  • We communicate better

Consider us as part architecture studio, part construction company, part cabinet shop, and part concierge service. This means that we have the capability of handling the entire project for you, so you don’t have to go around to multiple shops to get the project done. You already have a lot going on in your life, and becoming a project manager is not what you want to be doing.

Here are just a few benefits you’ll enjoy while working with us:

Enjoy the convenience of having everything under one roof

You’re a busy person and you don’t want to be running around the entire bay area trying to piece your kitchen together. And you don’t want to be dealing with multiple service providers and vendors to get the job done either. If you do, that quick project can quickly turn into a full time job.

We have everything you need to remodel your kitchen, bathroom, or your entire home under one roof. We’ll take your project from that sketch on the napkin all the way to final touches in your newly remodeled home.

Our designers and interior architects will bring out your best ideas, and put together a design that fits you and your home. We’ll help you select the cabinets, countertops, flooring, appliances, accessories, and everything else you’ll need. We’ll take care of the structural engineering if needed, and permitting with the city. And best of all, we’ll take care of the entire installation and remodeling process, and manage everything for you, so you can sit back and relax while we handle it all.

Live with least disruption to your life

Design and remodeling your home doesn’t have to overwhelm your entire life. The process can be easy, fun, and enjoyable–and we’ll make sure that it is! Since we’re handling the entire job, you can focus on your own projects with the least amount of disruption. You’ll get to take care of all the fun things, while we take care of the rest.

You do the fun stuff, we take care of the difficult stuff

Putting together a wishlist, playing with colors, picking out cabinets and countertops is fun. Ordering, scheduling, installing, and project managing is time consuming and not fun. Thankfully, you get to do the fun stuff while we take care of the rest, so you can focus on the things that are important to you.

Feel more secure by dealing with only one company

Our designers, interior architects, carpenters, installers, plumbers, electricians, etc., work for us. We handle all transactions and scheduling with different vendors too. We’re solely responsible for the entire project, so you never need to feel like a middleman dealing with different vendors, or with any issues that may arise.

We are also fully licensed and bonded, so you can sleep well knowing that you and your home are protected.

Your budget will go further

Many homeowners chose to handle the entire remodeling project on their own by going with multiple vendors and service providers in hopes of saving money. But, let’s face it, every company out there needs to keep their lights on. When you’re dealing with multiple companies, you need to keep a lot of lights on. But, by offering all of the services you need to remodel your kitchen and your home, we do not have to rely on any particular service to keep the light on. It means that you’re getting the whole package at a discounted rate.

In fact, it’s not unheard of spending upwards of 20% of the entire budget just on architectural drawings. With us, you’ll pay a fraction of that, so you can save your budget for other things you’ll enjoy.

Also, we’ve assembled an extensive lineup of products from various manufacturers to ensure that we can meet most budgets, while providing exactly what you want.

We understand Design

There are many great contractors out there who can remodel your home. However, many contractors do not understand design principles. The result is a beautifully crafted cookie-cutter kitchen or bath that is indistinguishable from most other spaces out there. You want your space to be one-of-a-kind. You want it to feel uniquely yours. Our designers are interior architects will deliver that designer touch and ensure that your kitchen or space is as individual as you are.

We understand Construction

Many independent architects and designers lack critical construction insights which can result in unnecessary construction costs due to unoptimized designs. Fortunately, we are experts in both field. Since our carpenters and installers work side-by-side with our designers–and likewise, since our designers spend a lot of their time on the jobsites–the projects are designed with construction costs in mind. We know construction well, and we have a handful of tricks up our sleeves to reduce costs without cutting corners.

Our estimates include more

Traditional design and remodeling process relies on completing the designs first, and then bidding the work with independent contractors. Oftentimes, only at this point, customers learn that actually building the design far exceeds their allotted budget. This will never happen with us.

We can estimate and design with the entire budget in mind. We’ll not only make it look great, but we’ll ensure that it can be build within your budget.

We communicate better

Anyone in the industry can tell you that majority of problems or conflicts that arise during projects simply results from miscommunications. When you’re bringing in multiple vendors and subcontractors to perform certain parts of the job, who may not be familiar with each other, the potential for miscommunication is huge. And when problems do arise, you’re usually stuck in the middle dealing with the consequences. You don’t want to be doing that!

We’ve worked with each other for years, even decades. We know each other very well and we communicate very well. Our designers, installers, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, are our own employees, and this ensures proper communication through the entire process of the project.

Likewise, we’ve worked with our prefered vendors and suppliers for years. We have great relationship and communication with them. We understand each other processes, and little nuances of our businesses, and because of that we can prevent most potential problems far before they happen.

“…The quality of the measure-up and plan was top-notch, helping us catch potential problems that we had previously missed. They made helpful suggestions that we would not have thought of ourselves…”

— Kenny P. via Yelp in Mountain View, CA

“Artistic Kitchen carries high quality products and professionals who know their products and can make design recommendations.”

— Linda N. via Yelp, Sunnyvale, CA

“AKD were nothing but the ultimate example of professionalism, expertise, and customer service during this entire process. We’re very pleased with the final product and no less satisfied with the steps along the way.”

— Carl N. via Yelp, San Jose, CA

“Artistic Kitchen is an incredible company.”

— Steve B. via Yelp, Los Altos, CA

“We chose AKD because they are a “one stop shop”. They handled the design, project management, inspections, and all the labor for all the projects. The designs do speak for themselves.”

— Yvonne W. via Yelp, Sunnyvale, CA

“AKD recently finished our kitchen remodel and we couldn’t be happier with the result.”

— Michael A. via Yelp, Redwood City, CA

“[AKD] do business with integrity and customer satisfaction as their top priorities. I have no reservations about recommending them to someone looking for a “one stop” design and build firm. “

— Daryl O. via Yelp, Los Altos, CA

“We enjoyed working with this team. Our remodel ended up being exactly what we wanted.”

— Amy M. via Houzz

“I would highly recommend Artistic Kitchen Design. They provide quality from start to finish and are a pleasure to work with.“

— Neha V. via Houzz

“From the moment I set foot in the showroom and met Julie, til the finished project, the Artistic Kitchen team nailed this remodel!”

— Ash C. via Houzz

“They were great to work with and our project turned out beautifully! We especially appreciated Javier, the foreman (and jack-of-all trades) on the project. He was there all day every day, and paid great attention to detail.”

— Kristin H, via Houzz

“Love working with Artistic Kitchen, the staff (Julie) who we worked with is super friendly and professional.”

— Janice C. via Houzz

“The staff were very professional in every aspect of the project. The whole team was very helpful from the beginning to the end in explaining the process which puts us at ease. We love our new kitchen very much.”

— June P. via Houzz

“Artistic Kitchen did a total design and remodel of our kitchen and it turned out beautifully.”

— Ann C, via Google+

“The final installed components were absolutely beautiful and solid materials. All parts were delivered on schedule and work amazing.“

— Art S, via Google+