Modern that redefines modern


At Artistic Kitchen, our aim is to transform your home into a place that makes you feel something. A place that embodies everything you love. A place that transports you. A place that leaves your guests in awe. A place that stands the test of time and supports everything you do every day.

That’s why we partner with Pedini, a brand who lives and breathes their commitment to extraordinary design. Choosing a Pedini kitchen, bath, or living room is equivalent to having a renowned Italian architect study your every move and create a work of art that both supports your lifestyle and captivates your guests. With Pedini, you are building more than a room in your home; you are building an experience.


Crafted by artisans in Italy, every Pedini cabinet design begins by studying you to develop customized solutions that best support what you do in your space. Promoting modern minimalism with an eye for ergonomics, everything you need will have a place of its own, out of view, but within easy access. Expect precisely dimensioned utensil drawers made for the tools you use, appliance garages built seamlessly into your cabinetry, and a pantry designed with dedicated space customized to what you store.


Then, expect all of that delivered in sleek, curvilinear Italian styling. Pedini style is iconic, an absolute embodiment of clean, modern design. Everything they create is steeped in luxury. They use only the best materials that stand the test of time and connect deeply with each of your senses. The smell and feel of natural wood, the dynamic tones achieved by durable lacquer finishes, the flawless sheen of high-quality tempered glass. Pedini is for perfectionists who care about the details and can’t settle for less than the most bold, trendsetting cabinetry on the planet.


A fully-integrated team of scientists, architects, and artists, the designers at Pedini don’t skimp on innovation. You’ll have the option to integrate powerful in-cabinet lighting, voice-activated features, and an app that monitors gas and water consumption, optimizing your home and preventing damaging leaks. It’s not enough to appear modern. Pedini is truly the kitchen of the future.

Imported from Italy and infused with Italian culture and art, you’ll love Pedini if you require unparalleled luxury and customization. You’ll want Pedini if you’re obsessed with high-level design. You’ll choose Pedini if you must have a home that inspires. And you’ll be glad you did.